Request a Community ListServe

The Corona virus is disrupting our lives just a bit more every day. Even though a good majority of our neighbors have the ability to prepare for the upcoming weeks ahead, some may need help to access computers, phones, transportation, grocery stores, pharmacies and or other emergencies. A community list serve is a valuable tool to keep everyone connected.

To support local communities is offering an email list serve to approved community associations or neighborhood groups, free of charge for the duration of the pandemic. Use the form below to apply for this service.

Group Discussion ListServes

The easiest way for your group to stay in touch. A message sent to the ListServe by any member, is received by all. Lists can be moderated or open. Moderators have a range of options for customization.

Announcement ListServes

Use your announcement ListServe to broadcast newsletters, alerts, special offers, meeting notices, or targeted messages to a group of people. Unlike the discussion ListServe, only approved moderators are able to send emails to an announcement ListServe.

Community List Serve Request
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